“There are so many hypnosis organisations around these days, so if you want to be assured that you are getting cutting edge training in clinical hypnotherapy, then, in my opinion, The International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy is the best place for you.”

Paul McKenna Ph.D British Hypnotist & Best Selling Author
Register to watch the masterclass and learn how to. 
  • Build a profitable hypnotherapy business 
  • Create a business where you can work flexible hours.
  • ​Help people to create amazing lives and make positive changes
  • Speed up your learning by working with masters of their profession
  • ​Feel confident that you have qualified with a recognised & accredited training organisation
Tina Taylor  
Author, NLP Master Trainer & Hypnotherapist 
When NLP co-creator Richard Bandler and world-renowned Hypnotist Paul McKenna want assistants to be at their best, it’s Master Trainer Tina Taylor they turn to. For many years she trained and managed the super-skilled assisting teams on their programmes. Working internationally, she is highly sought after for her own elegant take on change work.

In this FREE masterclass Tina Taylor will cover the 3 key lessons to master if you want to become a hypnotherapist and an introduction to the Foundation Course in Hypnotherapy.
  • How building a profitable practice can give you financial freedom
  • ​How you can feel confident working with clients knowing you have learnt from the best.
  • ​How you can enjoy learning at your own pace and speed knowing you have the full support of an experienced team behind you.
The foundation course is a comprehensive study of the principles and practice of hypnosis, teaching you everything you need to know about how to induce and manage the trance state. As well as how to set up your hypnotherapy business. 

Available online to allow easy access and gives you the time to integrate learning and practice. Graduates of this course are qualified to teach stress management.
Starting A Hypnotherapy Business 
All Master Class attendees receive:
  • FREE HYPNOTIC RECORDING:  A relaxing and trance-formative recording that will help you to go into a trance state.
  • A SPECIAL MASTER CLASS OFFER: A unique online offer for the ICCH Foundation course - only available to those who have watched the master class avaialable for a limited period only.
  • ​FREE E-BOOK - how to start a profitable hypnotherapy business.
  • ​EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS - Find out from the top two leading hypnotists in the world, Dr Richard Bandler & Paul McKenna how you can learn to become a hypnotherapist.
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