Starting A Hypnotherapy Business
What You'll Learn In Today's Masterclass:
Is this an accredited and recognised course?
Can I learn to do hypnotherapy online?
How do I set up a profitable business?
Interviews With Two Masters.
Dr Richard Bandler
Co-creator of NLP.
Dr. Richard Bandler (co creator of NLP) is regarded by many as the worlds leading hypnotist and expert on behavioural change. Watch and find out how Dr Bandler uses hypnosis to make seemingly miraculous changes to peoples lives.
Paul McKenna
Best selling author and hypnotist. 
In this interview with world renowned hypnotist and best selling self help guru Paul McKenna, Tina discusses with Paul about how effective hypnosis is for making behavioural changes. 
Sample Sessions From The Foundation Course.
Hypnotic Anaesthesia 
Tina teaching hypnotic anaesthesia on the Diploma pain control weekend; this part of the weekend is dealing with pain control for childbirth and Tina invited two mums to be plus their partners in to join them for the day.
Trance Induction
Tina demonstrates an arm levitation induction whereby the subjects hand moves towards their face as the trance deepens. They go into a deep trance as their thumb touches their nose.
Additional FREE Bonus Materials.
Hypnotic Recording
As promised everyone who has registered to watch the masteclass has access to a FREE hypnotic recording - something you can listen to in order to relax deeply. Listen to the recording with headphones for maximum effect. 
Setting Up A Hypnotherapy Business 
Download the PDF version of Starting A Business written by Tina Taylor and Gloria Hammett. A comprehensive guide to running a profitable hypnotherapy business.  
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